Welcome to my photo cat blog featuring my fur balls, Sarah Annabelle and Elsie Mae, who live with me up in the mountains of Tennessee!

Monday, May 1, 2017

Springtime Rainy Days

 What does a cat do in the early spring when it's wet outside and one doesn't want to get their paws wet?
Climb in bed and take a cat nap next to Lucy Lou.
Now what are you looking at?

Quit bothering me with that silly little thing in your hands you keep making snapping noises from. Can't you see I am bored???
And you might wake up Lucy Lou. 

 Now if you'll just let me get some sleep..,

at least until Lucy Lou wakes up and starts growling at me.
A contented cozy pussy cat am I!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Elsie Mae and the Window Boxes

Every year before frost arrives I bring in my hanging baskets and window boxes to keep over winter. This year like before I spent all day carrying in all my tender plants. To my surprise who did I see making herself at home on top of my window boxes but Elise Mae.

What is all the fuss about? 
If it's too cold to be outside this is the next best thing.
Who cares if I smash a few plants?

Let's see. If I turn my furry body around I can ignore this human scolding me and see outside.

Nothing like a bit of dirt to remind me of warm summer days.

Now it's time for a cat nap.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Catty Winter Time

Winter time means spending time by the fire 
where its nice and warm..,

keeping an eye out for the dog..,

and playing peek-a-boo..,

as one's fur stands up like a puff ball..,


during one long catty snooze!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Photo session with Miss Elsie Mae

I wanted to get a formal picture of Elsie Mae so one afternoon I arranged my photo area, picked up Elsie Mae, and sat her on the stool.

Just what do you think you are doing?

Hmm, is that a noise I hear?

How far am I sitting up off the floor?

(Swish, swish goes the tail.)  
Is that something moving down there?

Maybe I ought to instead explore what is behind this door.

Rats, I have to face forward again.

Humans can be so boring at times.

Wait!  I saw something move outside the window.

You know, I'm fed up with this photography thing.
It's totally boring sitting on a hard stool.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Meet Elsie Mae

Hi, I'm Elsie Mae..,

at one of my favorite spots in the house.

Now I wonder what this is.  A new cat toy?

Time out for a cat bath.

What are those dogs barking at now?  They make such a loud racket.

Stretching out my long body.

Oops!  I nearly fell off the ironing board!

What are you looking at?

Be that way.  I'll just turn my back.  I think I see a birdie anyway.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Helping my Mistress at her work spot!

What is the first order of business today? 

Well, while you figure everything out, I will take a cat nap.

Things are a bit crowded on this desk if I say so myself. 

Time for a cat bath to keep my fur nice and silky..,

and then another snooze. 

This has been a busy day at the office. 

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Catty New Year's Resolutions

This is my New Year's resolutions as I take a pen in paw and borrow this piece of paper.

First of all every chance I get to enjoy the finer things in life..,

And then to survive the winter season- see below for that. Meanwhile I'll take another snooze.